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DEREZZED // Season One

Episode Ten // Horizon Zero Dawn

DEREZZED // Season One // July 20 2017

We Geek Out On Horizon Zero Dawn. Talking about our favorite moments and things we loved about this awesome game.

Episode Nine // Disappointing Games

DEREZZED // Season One // July 6 2017

We chat about some recent popular games that have disappointed us.

Episode Eight // E3 Follow Up

DEREZZED // Season One // June 22 2017

In this episode we follow up on some games and topics we didn't get to in our previous E3 episode.

Episode Seven // E3 2017 Recap

DEREZZED // Season One // June 15 2017

We go through all the video games that we found interesting and are most excited for from this years E3.

Episode Six // The Dark Knight

DEREZZED // Season One // June 12 2017

In this weeks episode we talk about or favorite moments from Batman the Animated series and the Batman Arkham videogame series.

Episode Five // Cartoons Part 2

DEREZZED // Season One // June 2 2017

In this episode we talk about the 80's and 90's cartoons we watched growing up Saturday mornings and before and after school.

Episode Four // Classic Cartoons

DEREZZED // Season One // May 26 2017

We reminisce about some of our favorite classic cartoons.

Episode Three // The PlayStation Journey

DEREZZED // Season One // May 18 2017

In this episode we take talk about our favorite moments and memories with the PlayStation consoles from the PS1 to the PS4. Note: There was some mic feedback in this episode we tried to edit out as much of it as we could.

Episode Two // We Talk Mass Effect and Nintendo

DEREZZED // Season One // May 11, 2017

In this weeks episode we talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda, the good memories, and our issues with Nintendo.

Episode One // The 4th is Strong With This One

DEREZZED // Season One // May 4, 2017

The premier episode of DEREZZED kicks off with Star Wars to celebrate May 4th.